The ATA has several programs for the youth. The programs are structured to empower young people by using tennis as a medium for social development. The recruitment, enrollment, and instruction methodologies are designed to cut across economic and social restrictions that deny access to motivated and talented young persons interested in learning the sport.

Our award-winning youth programs have achieved success and international attention among tennis professionals. The programs are designed to challenge the students in three main areas:

  1. Academically – to help students meet the requirements of accredited colleges;
  2. Technically – to help students reach exceptional standards in tennis and
  3. Socially – to help students demonstrate self-discipline, anger management skills, team building, and leadership.

These programs provide graduates with an opportunity to pursue a college education through its scholarship program. To date, the ATA has assisted thirteen (13) persons to achieve tennis athletic scholarships. We recognize our greatest feats to be the accomplishments of securing tennis athletic scholarships for graduates of the program to prestigious Division II colleges in the USA. The estimated value of our scholarships given have exceeded US$1.2 Million at an average four-year scholarship of US$100,000.00. Our students have graduated with honors and are also the recipients of many scholastic awards. The ATA is equally proud of the fact that some of its graduates of the program have gone on to work as Tennis Directors at leading 5 Star resorts on the island namely Malliouhana Hotel and Four Seasons Anguilla.

Our two main programs are the “After School Program” and “The Annual Summer Camp”. All in all, the Anguilla Tennis Academy programs provide opportunities for the youth of Anguilla and the Caribbean through the sport of tennis while strengthening a sense of community, knowledge, and health. The benefits derived from the ATA programs will continue to shape the lives of its participants over several generations. A monetary value cannot be placed on these achievements, global reach and the social capital it provides for our nation’s youth.