Anguilla Tennis Academy – Scholarship Program

The ATA attempts to improve the lives of children who have limited resources. The ATA promises to be a wonderful experience for those who attend and has consistently drawn numbers averaging about seventy-five (75) children each year for the After School Program.

The cost per child participating in the program is US$75.00 per month.  As in the previous years, some of the children in our program do not have the financial resources to meet this cost.  In 2009 the ATA introduced its scholarship program.  Under this program, scholarships are awarded to children to cover the cost of attending the After School Program, based on need, academics, and their commitment to the program.   Students who benefitted from the scholarships in the past have proven to be great ambassadors for the ATA and Anguilla.  We have also seen an overall improvement in the students both physically and academically.

The ATA wishes to continue this scholarship program and requests your assistance.  The program runs concurrently with the school year and spans for 10 months.  The total cost to sponsor a child for one year is US$750.00.  Your support will help the ATA achieve yet another milestone in its twenty-five (25) year history.  If you like to provide support for a child, please contact us for instructions on how to make your ATA scholarship gift tax-deductible.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this request please feel free to contact Keesha Fleming Lake, ATA Scholarship Coordinator via e-mail at in**@an************.com.