Annual Summer Camp

During the final two weeks in the month of July each year, the ATA conducts its annual summer camp for children ages 5 through 17. The sessions are conducted each week (Monday – Friday) with the morning sessions commencing at 8:00am and culminating at 11:30am. The participants are grouped according to age and playing experience. Each group is given a special time slot for the daily sessions. A special High Performance session held by invitation only is conducted in the afternoons for advance players from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

Our summer camp attracts a large number of participants both locally and regionally. Certified USPTA and college coaches from the USA and around the world volunteer to assist and help children grow in the sport. A special feature about the ATA summer camp is the diversity of international coaches and cultures it attracts each year to impart their knowledge and expertise with the participants. This is a rewarding experience not only for the participants but also for the coaches as well. The Summer Camp is one of the biggest attractions for the ATA facility and is used as a recruiting tool for children to participate in the After School Program.